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Weekly blog....What now?

Well the election is over, and there is going to be a new sheriff in DC. During President-Elect Trump's campaign, he promised that one of his first tasks in office would be the repeal of Obamacare. Regardless of your personal feelings, this is bound to have far reaching ripples throughout the healthcare industry. In the six years since the Affordable Care Act (ie: Obamacare) was passed, companion legislation, such as MACRA (the Medicare and Chip Realignment Act) was also ratified. How is this all going to work?? Right now, no one really knows. But my "campaign" promise to you- I will keep you apprised of updates and changes and help you navigate through a health care system that, before it gets simpler, will surely become more complicated and confusing. So stay tuned!!

GOLD STAR MEDICAL BUSINESS SERVICES provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to your medical administration challenges! Today’s technology makes it possible to have highly trained, professional administrative support staff operating the day-to-day business of your clinic remotely, using the systems you currently have in place at your office or facility.

The Experience you NEED

- Medical Billing Service for Individual Practitioners and Small Clinics
- Chiropractic Billing Service
- Behavioral Health Billing Service

- Compliance Services

- Credentialing Services

- On Site Office Visits/Medical Office Evaluations and Audits

- Private/Group/Association Seminars and Staff Retreats

The Control you WANT

Networking and Software Solutions that allow you to "see" what your billing office is doing at all times and maintain full control of your patients' accounts and Accounts Receivables.

The Freedom to do what you do BEST

Trusting our experienced Professionals to take care of your patients' accounts so you can get back to being a DOCTOR.