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Gold Star Medical is rising to the regulatory challenges that doctors and clinics face on a daily basis.

Our Compliance unit can assist you in formulating and maintaining a Compliance and Ethics program for your organization. There are many practitioners who think that Compliance means having a HIPAA and OSHA manual on their bookshelf. But Compliance is MUCH MORE than that. Every year, the OIG (Office of Inspector General) publishes their WORK PLAN, which identifies key elements of medical practice and the medical profession that will be under advanced scrutiny. If you or your organization accept Federal funds from Medicare, Medicaid or other Federally Subsidized programs, you must adhere to the coding, billing and reimbursement guidelines associated with these organizations. And you must be in compliance with HIPAA, OSHA, NCQA, CLIA, FMLA, and other regulatory agencies as well. Do you know where you stand? Gold Star Medical is here to help you discover the areas of your medical practice and/or organization in which you have Compliance deficiencies. From there, we will assist you in developing and implementing a comprehensive policy of Compliance and Ethics. This is not a task for the fainthearted, but with our help, we can work together to make this process as stress free as possible.