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Medical Practice Coaching

Sometimes, the week is just too busy to stop and take those few moments to handle your business planning, and actually move the business forward. We have found that taking thirty minutes to an hour each week to accomplish both short and long-term strategic planning with a practice management coach, can make a huge difference in your success. We are proud to offer medical practice coaching that will help you stay accountable to your self and your goals for both practice and life.

We can help you achieve your goals through our weekly telephone coaching calls, coupled with seasonal webinars. We bring to the table a vast background of business expertise to help you determine your future course. Do you risk expanding your clinic on the hopes that your patient visits will increase and youíll be able to afford the expansion or are you bursting at the seems and desperately need to expand to handle any increase in volume? We can help you analyze your business position and determine what is best for you at this time.

Our phone consults will cover a wide array of implementation steps to help you grow your medical practice. We will also coach and mentor you by helping you set goals and holding you accountable in meeting those goals.

Need to develop long range and short term plans?

  • Telephone consults donít take much time, but the effort makes a huge difference
  • Increase your medical practice through effective planning
  • Avoid other pitfalls by basing your decisions on your stats and effective analysis
  • Failure to plan is not an excuse